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OKRX Summit was held very successfully on May 26th 2022. The virtual summit, hosted by Melon with the main sponsorship of Workboard, included 24 speakers from all around the world and uniting over 490+ visionaries from 290+ companies and 40+ countries across the globe.

OKRx Summit 2024 Openning: Ezgi Aytan & Elie Casamitjana

Playing to Keep Playing: OKRs in the Infinite Game Strategy: Sure Köse Ulutaş

Global State of OKR: Elie Casamitjana

CEO Perspectives: Steering Success with OKRs: Mehmet Ali Akarca & Burak Ertaş & Sure Köse Ulutaş

OKR Transformation Case Study: OKR Transformation Journey in a Agile-Driven Technology Company Serving a Bank : Seval Demirkılıç & Tuna Özken

Three ways to know your Strategy and OKRs have to change: Michael Gothein

Continuous Improvement with OKRs to be prepared for upcoming challenges: Carsten Ley

Mastering OKRs – strategy clarification tips: Elena Zhukova

Boosting Momentum: Continuous Improvement and Innovative Success with OKRs: Aziz Revnaki & Özge Demirkol Mete

Can organizations implement OKRs without having a strategic plan?: Omid Akhavan

Connecting Strategy to OKRs with a persistent data models: Ian Harvey

Platinum Sponsor: Workboard: Journey to strategy execution excellence: Sameera Moinpour

Fuel Your OKRs:  Unlock the PowerThe CFR Performance Engine: Peter Kerr

Courting OKRs Controversy: Paul Niven

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