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12:10 GMT+3

Sure Köse Ulutaş

Founder at Melon

Playing to Keep Playing: OKRs in the Infinite Game Strategy

12:00 GMT+3

Ezgi Aytan & Elie Casamitjana

Culture Lead at Melon

Founder OKRMentors & Ikiom, OKR Enabler


12:30 GMT+3

Elie Casamitjana

Founder OKRMentors & Ikiom, OKR Enabler

Global State of OKR

12:50 GMT+3

Burak Ertaş & Mehmet Ali Akarca

CEO at 

CEO at KoçSistem

CEO Perspectives: Steering Success with OKRs

13:20 GMT+3

Jeff Gothelf

Board Member & Advisor at

Who does what by how much? How putting the customer first, ensures OKR success.

13:40 GMT+3

Cansel Sörgens

OKR Coach & Trainer
Leadership makes it or breaks it!

Cansel Sörgens

14:00 GMT+3

Seval G. Demirkılıç & Tuna Özken

Business Unit Manager at Garanti

EVP - Infrastructure & Communication at Garanti

OKR Transformation Case Study: OKR Transformation Journey in a Agile-Driven Technology Company Serving a Bank

14:20 GMT+3

Michael Gothein

Enterprise Product, Discovery, Lean & OKR Coach

Three ways to know your Strategy and OKRs have to change

14:40 GMT+3


15:00 GMT+3

Carsten Ley

Founder & Consultant at OKR Asia

Continuous Improvement with OKRs to be prepared for upcoming challenges

15:20 GMT+3

Elena Zhukova

Co-Founder at OKR Poland

Mastering OKRs – strategy clarification tips

15:40 GMT+3

Aziz Revnaki & Özge Demirkol Mete

CHRO at Yıldız Holding

OKR and Corporate Performance Senior Manager

Boosting Momentum: Continuous Improvement and Innovative Success with OKRs


16:00 GMT+3

Omid Akhavan

Founder at Lucid Outcomes & Executive Coach

Can organizations implement OKRs without having a strategic plan?


16:20 GMT+3

Mukom Tamon

Founder of The Chief Excellence Officer at The Chief Excellence Officer™️ Academy

How to make OKR Success a Function of Your Team's Effort & Creativity Rather Than Luck


16:40 GMT+3

Ian Harvey

OKR Coach and Consultant at Outcomes Thinking

Connecting Strategy to OKRs with a persistent data models


17:00 GMT+3

Jim Apodaca

Strategy Execution Coach at Apodaca Consulting

Relationship between OKRs and Scrum.


17:20 GMT+3

Sameera Moinpour

Global VP of Customer Success at Workboard

Platinum Sponsor: Workboard: Journey to strategy execution excellence


17:40 GMT+3

Özgür Barut & Sertaç Güngördü

Managing Partner at Blexible

Head of HR at Intertech

From Vision to Execution: How OKRs Drive Organizational

Alignment and Achievement


18:00 GMT+3

Peter Kerr

Director | OKR Coach

Fuel Your OKRs:  Unlock the PowerThe CFR Performance Engine

18:20 GMT+3



18:40 GMT+3

Paul Niven

Global OKR Coach & Strategy Execution Consultant at
Courting OKRs Controversy


19:00 GMT+3

Daniel Montgomery

Director | OKR Coach

Strategic Intelligence: Artificial or Human?

19:20 GMT+3

Culture Lead at Melon

Founder OKRMentors & Ikiom, OKR Enabler


Ezgi Aytan & Elie Casamitjana

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