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At Melon, we are a leading consulting firm specializing in OKR, Leadership and Building Teams. Our strength lies in offering expert insights and strategic guidance to businesses and professionals across various industries. We pride ourselves on fostering knowledge exchange, nurturing professional growth, and driving industry advancements. Through initiatives like the OKRX Summit, we create valuable platforms for networking, collaboration, and the sharing of pioneering ideas, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in shaping the future of businesses.

Organization & Culture

Providing the holistic strategies your team needs for outstanding breakthrough work.

Melon transforms teams to achieve your strategic priorities and build systems & experience to unlock potential by bringing alignment, capabilities, and human-centric people systems and processes to your team.

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Executive Search

Leading the way to scaling success. We build winning leadership teams for StartUps!

Melon's 6 Pillar Leadership approach goes beyon finding Executives; we help you create a winning leadership team. 

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Leadership Development

Melon works with various level leaders to help them actualize their strengths, establish trust and incentive systems, and foster genuine human & productive work environments. The leadership approach, which starts with getting to know the person who leads a team for the first time, requires focusing on a strategic point of view where different balances are observed for company founders. As Melon, we offer various leadership programs for different leadership levels.

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