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We are a dynamic team that presents well-grounded research for the growing technology companies to realize their potential in the short-run. Our aim is to be the best architect of the rooted company cultures; from growing the team to creating the greatest employee experience and transforming management methods, and each part of the process within the team.

Culture & Leadership

We improve all steps that affect the employee experience; from performance and salary & rewarding models to training & development programs. Moreover, we design the leadership development journeys for all levels of teams, tailored to the company’s needs.

Image by Charlie Firth

As a team, we are bringing a new approach to team building, which is perhaps the most important issue of growing technology companies. Additionally, we design the recruitment processes of companies from employee value proposition, candidate finding to interview, case studies and proposals. Withing the process, we find the people who are most suitable for company values in crucial roles.

Image by Tim Mossholder

We provide OKR consulting to many medium and large sized companies to connect the company’s strategy to short-term operational planning and for the teams to clearly understand what is expected from them, brings a unique transparency and teamwork culture to the companies we are implementing.

Image by Nick Fewings
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